29 JUL
Vitalen Opens To Europe

Vitalen Holding opens to Europe with new branch in Duisburg / Germany.

Choosing to live by the rules it has determined since 2010, Vitalen Holding has grown with its values and principles. While Vitalen Holding continues its activities knowing the needs of the world and our country, the change of technology and most importantly the importance of meeting the expectations of the customers, Pedal Commander and Chip Werke brands are produced 100% domestically in line with its mission of being the pioneer of technological development and innovators.

Vitalen Holding, which has been making its sales to the whole world, especially to the USA, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the Turkish States, through the Amazon platform since 2015, has decided to open its own branches abroad and acts in order to turn its ideals into reality.

While Vitalen Holding continues to offer you its new services, it will continue to grow and work harder.

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